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Unboxing the Burning Serpent Oracle

burning serpent oracle video image

Quick impression of the Burning Serpent Oracle by

Robert Place & Rachel Pollack

I’ll do a full review sometime in the future when I’ve used the deck for a while, so check back or subscribe to my YouTube channel.


Can you read any cards?

If you’re a reader could you pick up any type of card and do a reading?

Burning Serpent Oracle Art by Robert Place Text by Rachel Pollack

Burning Serpent Oracle
Art by Robert Place
Text by Rachel Pollack

Today I started reading the book that came with the Burning Serpent Oracle by Robert Place and Rachel Pollack. I’m just getting started so I can’t yet say too much, however Rachel as always gets me thinking about things. The beginning talks about the Lenormand starting as a game, but not really. It brought up a memory ..

A few years back before heading off to Readers Studio in NY, Val and I were spending some time with my Nephew and his family (pizza!). We were playing a game called Hedbanz. It’s similar to the game where you tape a name or thing on someones back and then you have to figure our who or what you are. In this game you wear a plastic headband and slip a card into it. It’s a fun game for all ages, and it’s fast. So what does this have to do with the starting questions?

As we were playing, and I was shuffling the cards, Val said something about the cards, and I said something like they are an oracle, and we ended at the place where.. Hey we could do a reading with these cards. So we did.

Which leads back to the Burning Serpent Oracle and that the Lenormand started as a game, but not really. I still have more to read, however I’m sure there isn’t any proof either way, but what Val and I did could mean the creation of a new oracle built on the Hedbanz cards :o)

I do believe that games and divination come from the same place within us. Not to make light of divination, but you need to goto that space that games also take us to. The space of fun, wonder, and being willing to let things happen as they will. You have to let go of a bit of inhibition to really enter into a game and get the most out of it. To get the fun out of and into a game. Even in a game like Risk that might be considered stogy, to have fun you have to embody the war with a bit of light heartedness or it just becomes a battle.

The next time you’re playing a game with cards, shuffle and see how it’s going to go, and what strategy is the best. You can get the heads up before starting and be that much more ahead of the game (pun intended).

Remember games & tarot should be fun and enjoyable for the most part.


Lenormand Daily for July 3rd

Talk about a gulper… my very 1st ever draw for a daily with the Lenormand is the Dog & Coffin.

I told myself it’s only a daily and for learning but I did do a quick prayer. I’m also reminding myself that the Death card rarely means death.

Here is what the lovely book has to say…

end of a friendship, loss of a close person, a very sick dog or pet, the ruin of a friend, a separation.


Weekly Card Exercise: Card One

Mary-el Tarot by Marie White http://www.mary-el.com/

Mary-el Tarot
by Marie White

Day One:

Simple meaning from the book. What is a simple meaning from your book?

New love, dreams, intuition, messages received. Open heart.

Day Two:

Image meaning. What do you see or feel when looking at the card?

Transforming spirit, intuition, emotions.
Based on the snake in the process of moving up hir body.

Day Three

Number meaning. What does the Ace or One add to the meaning of this card?

As an Ace it’s the lowest and the highest card in it’s suit of Cups. It contains the most Water of all the cards, so this means that it has the most of that element Water contained within it. It’s also singular and a beginning. This is the tool that the Magician uses and relates to the Magician. The magic of water. Water to wine.

Day Four

Element / Suit meaning: What meaning could be reflected in this card based on the element or suit?

The suit (Cups) for me brings in the whole love part and that this suit is a container for holding space Whether it’s for myself or others so it’s a healing suit. This is a passive Suit.

The element (Water) brings in intuition and that it can be very surface like a stream or very deep like an ocean. This is a feminine element.

Together it’s passive feminine principle.

Day Five

Something Learned: What’s something you’ve learned, read, or heard about this card you didn’t know before the week started?

That the original meanings from the 17, 1800’s was very very different then how we now tend to read & see this card. Reading these meanings brought up the 9 of cups for me. :)

Another thing I read that has made me think a bit about this card and really all the Aces is Crowley said …the Aces are not the elements themselves, but the seeds of those elements. I’ve always seen the Aces as containing the most pure  form of the element, however reading that it seems to be saying they are just a point a seed and therefore would be a small if any part of their element. It’s been many years since I read Crowley so I can’t remember if he goes further into the element or not… I’ll have to stay tuned.

Day Six

Something creative inspired by the Ace of Water: Song, poem, quote, drawing; your own or one that made you think of this card.

As the serpent rises so must I.

Day Seven

What question does the Ace of Water ask of you?

How might we open our heart gently that allows us to go deeper with our studies?


Launching Today!

No this isn’t what the site should look like.. however I promised myself that I would launch with this new moon. I didn’t make it at midnight last night as we had rolling storms throughout the evening and I needed to turn off my computer.

So it now launches 12 hours later then I intended.

The Gaian Tarot had this to say about it.


Yes a time of deep reflection is what has brought me to this place, and I hope it provides a place of reflection to those that visit. Watch for many changes. This however was the fastest way I could get the site up and usable…